Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Captain" and "9th Justice"

And here are volumes 35 and 36 to kick off 2017. Only 3 more volumes to go. Once again, if you need the older volumes, use the big One Piece manga torrent at

One Piece v35:   Sendspace
One Piece v36:   Sendspace

Monday, November 28, 2016

News on v35-36

Since I've settled into a biannual schedule, I'm planning on getting v35 and 36 out before end of 2016. It would be nice if I can make it in time for Christmas but I can't make any certain promises on that. Happy holidays in the meanwhile, folks.

*UPDATE: Sorry folks, but release will be delayed just one week. It'll be out by January 7th at the latest.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Davy Back Fight" and "The City of Water, Water Seven"

And here are volumes 33 and 34! Unfortunately no volume 35, that would've been too much work for me. The Davy Back Fight is one of those arcs I think is severely underrated in the One Piece fanbase. If you're one of the older fans like me who actually was up-to-date with the series when Skypiea ended, which was then the longest arc, Davy Back Fight was a refreshing break that offered silly fun without any heavy drama. And judged on those terms, I think Davy Back Fight was quite successful, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

On another note, I recently noticed that bakabt also has a torrent of the digital Viz editions so I decided to take a look at their translations for v33 and 34. I honestly gotta say I'm pretty disappointed. My translations are nowhere near perfect or anything, but for supposedly professional translations, I expected a lot more from Viz. It's not even an issue of localization choices like Zolo, names of fruits, or use of profanity which I'm perfectly fine with. There are a few, but noticeable parts in v33 and 34 that the translators either failed to translate a dialogue's full meaning for no good reason or simply mistranslated.

Two egregious examples are in v33 p77, where Robin makes a characteristically macabre joke about Foxy choosing Chopper because he likes (wearing) fur, which gets translated in the Viz version to him liking furry things, which can carry a completely different meaning such as when a person likes furry creatures. And in v34 p224, Kalifa clearly states that Water Seven's shipbuilding industry was "already" advanced even in the past, hence there once being seven competing companies. But in the Viz version, it gets mistranslated to Water Seven's shipbuilding industry was "just beginning."

I certainly hope the later Viz volumes contain less mistakes. I know Stephen Paul is doing the translations for the current weekly Viz releases of One Piece, so those are probably much, much better.

One Piece v33:   Sendspace
One Piece v34:   Sendspace
These links aren't meant to be permanent! For older volumes, use the torrent at bakabt instead (the non-Viz torrent)!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Status Update

Nepece here to give an update. Hopefully the wait didn't kill you. I'm planning on releasing v33 and 34 this July, probably towards the end of the month. Might even squeeze in v35 as well if things go well, but I can't say for certain. Enjoy the summer, folks.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Love Song

v32 is out. I know the cover page (above pic) is rather low quality with lots of artifacts, but I couldn't find any better public raws. If someone can find me better scans for the cover page or the Straw Hat Theatre, I'll gladly redo them with new translations.

*Update: Fixed the Straw Hat Theatre with high-res scans. Thanks a lot for emailing them to me. 

*PS. If you're a skilled cleaner that wants to help out. do give me an email. Workload isn't all that taxing since my current pace is only ~3 volumes per year.

One Piece v32 (fixed version):   Sendspace

Thursday, November 26, 2015

News on v32

This is nepece speaking to give you guys a heads-up on the release of v32 that will wrap up Skypiea. It'll be out around mid-December, no later than Christmas. Where I'll go from here, I'm not exactly sure, as I think everything from here has good tankoban scans (I think?). It's a weird feeling, since when I originally started this project with Onepiecefag, One Piece was infamous for having horrid early scanlations that fans just had to put up with as they caught up to the latest release. If you guys have suggestions about which OP volumes still need better translations, then just let me know.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Capriccio" and "We are Here"

Finished up a bit sooner than planned. I know some of the black and white pages are low in quality, but that has to do with the quality of raws I'm working from. If you see any typos, point them out and I'll upload a fixed version. And I say again, these dl links are not meant to be permanent. Use the one piece manga torrent on bakabt instead.

One Piece v30 (version 2, fixed typos):   Sendspace
One Piece v31 (version 2, fixed typos and file name error):   Sendspace