Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Tug of War"

Sorry for all the delays, but here's v39 at last! For the time being, I quite intend this to be the FINAL One Piece volume I translate. As I said once or twice before, I initially started this whole One Piece retranslation project aaaallll the way back in 2010 because the chapters uploaded on most online manga sites were extremely low quality, both image and translation-wise. To be more accurate, it was my editor Onepiecefag who first goaded me into the project, but he ended up dropping out due to real life schedules, and so I've since had to enlist the help of a few others such as Nitoryu/Blacksword, JFposse, and some other anonymous individuals before I just went solo from v32-39. My cleaning skills weren't the best nor did I have high quality raws to work from, but compared to what was available online in 2010, I think my work was more than serviceable. Special thanks also goes out to Wihyat for offering his proofreading services during all this time.

In any case, since One Piece now has a few reliable groups and Viz itself offering competent translations, I don't really see a pressing need to keep this up. Instead, I'll spend my time translating other series of my choosing under another group (Hox Scanlations). So long and thanks for all the fish, fellow One Piece fans!

P.S. The sendspace link here is meant to be temporary, so if you want any of the older volumes, I recommend trying to get a download account at manga madokami. If you can't, just email me (nepece3000@gmail.com) and I'll send you the requested volumes.

One Piece v39:   Sendspace

Saturday, March 24, 2018

News on v39

Sorry for the very long absence. I'll be returning to release v39 in the first week of May. Unfortunately, v39 should be the last One Piece volume I will work on. If you ever have questions though regarding my translations or whatnot, just contact me by email (nepece3000@gmail.com)

Monday, October 30, 2017

"Rocket Man"

And here's volume 38. My original plan was to do v39 in December but I'm gonna have to delay that to February 2018.

Also, I've so far unsuccessfully tried to get an upload account for madokami. I'll try a few more times but if anyone already has one, I'd appreciate you uploading these files on there for me.

One Piece v38:   Sendspace

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Small change of plans. My schedule is less free than anticipated so while I'm about a third-way done for volume 38, it'll be out in October.  Here's volume 37 to tide you over until then. Meanwhile, volume 39 will come out in late December. Also, thanks to all those who responded to my question of what I should do after volume 39. I'm not personally going to re-do the colour volumes, but if anyone wants to use my translations for them, go right ahead. I'm also going to take a closer look at the groups who do tankoban scans for the recent volumes before making a final decision, but I am leaning towards thinking that my part in the One Piece fan-translation scene is nearing its end for the time being.

Regarding how to get the previous volumes I translated, while bakabt is still around, it's a private tracker so I do think an alternative is needed. To be honest, I don't want to create a seedbox for my own torrent, and even if I do upload the volumes up to sites like mega or mediafire, I've no doubt that they'll be reported and deleted. So if anyone has any better idea or wants to take initiative and do something about it, please tell me or go right ahead. You can always email me as a last-ditch way to get the scans.

One Piece v37:    Sendspace

Friday, June 23, 2017

News on v37-38

Since a couple people have been asking when the next update is, I'm here to give a status update. Unfortunately, June and July will be very busy months for me, so v37 and 38 will be a late August release.

Also, v40 seems to be when Null resumed using tankoban scans for the Water 7 arc. Are there any suggestions on what part in the One Piece manga I should take a look at after I wrap up v39, presumably in the winter? Or is all of One Piece translated well enough that my work is no longer needed?

*Update: Estimated release date pushed back to early September.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

"Captain" and "9th Justice"

And here are volumes 35 and 36 to kick off 2017. Only 3 more volumes to go. Once again, if you need the older volumes, use the big One Piece manga torrent at bakabt.me

One Piece v35:   Sendspace
One Piece v36:   Sendspace

Monday, November 28, 2016

News on v35-36

Since I've settled into a biannual schedule, I'm planning on getting v35 and 36 out before end of 2016. It would be nice if I can make it in time for Christmas but I can't make any certain promises on that. Happy holidays in the meanwhile, folks.

*UPDATE: Sorry folks, but release will be delayed just one week. It'll be out by January 7th at the latest.