Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Capriccio" and "We are Here"

Finished up a bit sooner than planned. I know some of the black and white pages are low in quality, but that has to do with the quality of raws I'm working from. If you see any typos, point them out and I'll upload a fixed version. And I say again, these dl links are not meant to be permanent. Use the one piece manga torrent on bakabt instead.

One Piece v30 (version 2, fixed typos):   Sendspace
One Piece v31 (version 2, fixed typos and file name error):   Sendspace

Thursday, May 14, 2015

News on next volume

Sorry for the almost 5 month break, but I'm here to say that I'm not dead and I'm planning on getting both volumes 30 and 31 out before the end of June as a double-release. That's all for now.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Hundred Million Man

It's probably Christmas already in most parts of the world, but better late than never! I'm already aware that a few of the pages have a bit of their sides cut short, but that's sadly the kind of raws I had to work from. It's a minor issue though, so hopefully it doesn't ruin your enjoyment of this fantastic volume!

*Also, for Snir from apforums working on the digital colored versions, if you can send me cleaned redraws, that would help me out quite a lot, but it wouldn't really make me release any faster than 1volume/~3months. My slow pace has to do with non-One Piece related issues. Mail me at if you wish to discuss further.

One Piece v25 (typos fixed):   Sendspace

Monday, November 17, 2014

v25 Release Date

And I'm back again, here to tell you that I'm aiming for a Christmas Eve release so I can squeeze in one last volume before the end of the year. Thanks for your patience, folks!

Once again, just use the bakabt torrent when these download links go down.

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Man's Dream

Finally! v24's out! Another fun volume, though we'll have to wait until the next one for the beat-down that Bellamy deserves. I will be doing volume 25 before skipping ahead to v30, as I believe Null's scans didn't work with the tankoban scans from there and thus lack the SBS and other extras.

Once again, these links aren't meant to be permanent, so use the torrent at bakabt when the sendspace links go down. But if you have other comments like a typo or translation issue, feel free to mail me or post here.

One Piece v24:   Sendspace
For the colour-spreads with the chapter titles typeset: Sendspace

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

v24 Release Date

Don't worry, I'm still around. V24 will be out in... Let's say between the 4th and 5th week of July. Probably 5th week though. First week of August looks more likely now. It's all translated, just going through some editing and revisions.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vivi's Adventure

Hurray! Almost almost 4 years since starting the whole re-scanlation project, I've reached my original goal of getting everything up to the end of Alabasta in good quality (yes, there are a few Alabasta chapters left in v24, but let me pat myself on the back for now). Even though my original goal is complete, like I said before, I'll continue on with the Skypeia arc. Translating is an enjoyable hobby of mine, and I had actually never read the One Piece raws before starting this project. As a consequence, I've come to realize there were quite a few things about the original work that had been either mistranslated or overlooked by fan-translations in both the anime and manga.
One example of this would be is Tashigi's lines in p116 of this volume, where she says the World Goverment revokes Crocodile's shichibukai title as well as the special permit of "Lawful Seizure of Enemy Assets" which was granted to him. This is the special law allowing shichibukai to keep plunder taken from enemy pirates or enemy states (those fighting against the WG, presumably) that Oda mentioned allllll the way back in v8 p131. In the horribad manga scans that we've had to deal with until now, the "Lawful Seizure of Enemy Assets" was entirely omitted, and in the kaizoku-fansubs anime, it was mistranslated as a law that allows the government to revoke his title. I'm not sure how Viz did it, but considering that they are a professional company, I can only hope that they did translate it correctly.

Update: Missing page 95 has been added and the subsequent page file names have been fixed. Thanks for the pointing out the error, guys.

Update 2: Apparently, p96 and 97 were still switched around so I fixed it again. Sorry for the sloppy release this time, guys.

One Piece v23 (fixed version 2):   Download